Rescue / Response Services

Digital communications when it matters most

Digital communications when it matters most

Robust communication systems is considered ‘mission critical’ for rescue and response services, yet many organisations still rely on analogue, short range, insecure systems.

365PTT is a digital, secure, almost unlimited range communication system, with the ability to handle groups for separate communications and offering real-time GPS tracking and SOS function for added safety of staff and responders.

Launchpads and apps allow for instant access to vital information, allow staff and responders to work efficiently whilst under pressure.

Critical Communications when needed

Our 365PTT app and communications application bring a robustness needed for all areas of business. Give yourself the edge over others, have a Critical Service

Experienced staff

All team members have extensive communications and end user experience, we can provide expert knowledge and help solve any problems you may face.

Modern technology

Using the very latest in technology and always maintaining the best in services, we are capable of providing an exceptional service to any emergency service or otherwise.