Railway / Infrastructure

Reliable communications over any distance

When long range communication is essential

Railway and similar infrastructures operate over great distances where traditional analogue system fail to operate successfully.

Digital push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) solutions help to overcome this obstacle, enabling staff to communicate wherever they are.

365PTT is the ideal PoC solution, with groups to allow different areas to talk independently of each other as well as in-built real time GPS tracking to enable locations to be know for operational management or in the event of an emergency.

365PTT also offers one-to-all communication, broadcasts to all units, regardless of which group they are in, allowing important information to be passed efficiently.

Any distance

Instant communication regardless of location, using mobile data systems

One-to-many PTT

Simple, secure, one-to-many communication at the push of a button

GPS Tracking

Real time GPS tracking allows resources to be located instantly in the event of an emergency