Launchpads & Apps

Quick & professional customer services

Information access on the move and in the field.

All businesses rely on quality information flow to and from staff. In the modern age, this can be quite complex, with multiple information streams available.

Our Launchpads and Apps help to make this information flow as easy as possible, allowing staff to work more efficiently whilst they are away from the office. Not only can we build the launchpad or app for you, but we can also provide forms for data capture as well, all electronic and cloud based, including:

  • Customer feedback forms
  • Job completion forms
  • Vehicle check forms
  • Incident reporting forms
  • Accident report forms
  • Record of cleaning

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Minimal processing times

Launchpads & Apps can be built and deployed quickly and efficiently

Modern technology

Practically every mobile worker uses a mobile device of some kind to access information; Launchpads and Apps make information access easier

Experienced staff

Our staff are able to advise on Launchpad & App contents and usability

Top quality

We won't launch a Launchpad or App as 'live' until you are happy with the contents, and due to the nature of these items they can be updated when required