Security Chauffeur / Driver Services

Where safety and security are paramount

Security Chauffeur / Driver

Security chauffeurs can either work in conjunction with other chauffeurs or alternatively they also can be employed on a “one to one” basis and work independently; either way, modern state-of-the-art communication can be the key to a successful operation. Thankfully, RSG365 Communications has a solution. 

We offer communication options for either the effective team member or the lone working chauffeur, as our system allows cross channel communication with other operators using our system. Digital push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) allows instant communication as the push of a button. Lone workers can summon assistance immediately by the use of our lone-worker SOS function, alerting the client, the company or any system user of an incident.

Vehicles and resources can be tracked independently using our GPS tracking solution, from 1 to 1000 vehicles if needed; all being tracked and being able to communicate with each other. Digital technology means that distance is no problem as well – as long as your device can receive mobile data then you can stay in touch all over the world, ideal for journeys into Europe and beyond, all whilst having a UK controller.


Secure digital communications prevents eavesdropping by un-trusted sources.

Modern technology

365PTT can be installed on almost any Android device, even mobile phones

GPS Tracking

Locate vehicles and assets in real-time, anywhere in the world

SOS Function

Summon assistance at the push of the button in the event of an emergency