Close Protection / Hostile Environments

Reliable and secure digital communications

Secure digital worldwide communications

Communications is the key component to any successful close protection move or operation, having the right communications between close protection operators is essential whether this is executive protection here in the UK or in a Hostile Environment such as Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. 

Clients always want to have the reassurance that you will have a safe communications option that will work anywhere you are operating. Flexibility and discretion are priorities when considering a communications platform.

365 Communications Ltd offers various packages to our close protection community; our platform offers encrypted (secure) channels, dedicated and named for your own requirements, as well as real-time GPS tracking and single button SOS function, alerting operators and colleagues to any emergency situation. Controller systems allow for lone worker alarms to be set and monitored.

In addition to our software solution we can also offer hardware to assist your operations as well, such as Bluetooth fist mics to covert earpieces and vehicle mounted radio units.

One to many communications

Simple, one-to-many communications at the push of the button, anywhere in the world

GPS Tracking

Real-time GPS tracking anywhere in the world allows dispatchers to track movements

Secure connection

Secure digital connections to password accessible system stops eavesdroppers

SOS Function

Allows for assistance to be summoned immediately in the event of an emergency