Covert Surveillance / Security

Secure digital communication with cloud-based audio recording

From matrimonial disputes to corporate fraud investigation, covert surveillance can and is conducted daily within the UK; surveillance operations are carried out by highly skilled specialist surveillance officers who may work in vehicles, on foot or from fixed observation posts. 

Many UK companies that carry our surveillance operations are led by a client need to carry out surveillance on someone.

365 Communications can cater for companies that require robust but discreet and effective communications system. Our 365PTT app allows encrypted two way communication that is digitally recorded, ideal for use as evidence at a later date. Our system can work on the majority of Android devices, giving flexibility of choice of device.

Android based

Allows for operation from a variety of Android devices, not just push-to-talk handsets

Digital recording

All audio is securely and digitally recorded in the cloud

Simple operation

Simple push-to-talk operation allows instant one-to-many communication