Safe, secure digital communications

Safe, secure digital communication

Construction in the 21st Century is complex and dynamic. Reliable communications are key to ensuring complicated tasks are completed safely and successfully.

Traditional analogue radio systems are prone to interference from other users and are limited by short range.

Digital push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) solutions, such as 365PTT, overcome the limitations of traditional analogue systems.

Our secure system allows for the creation of almost unlimited talk-groups, giving each team the ability to talk to each other at the push of a button across any distance.

One-to-many PTT

Simple, secure, one-to-many communication at the push of a button


Digital technology keeps talk groups secure from interference and eavesdropping

Any distance

Instant communication regardless of location, using mobile data systems

Android based

Android based software can be installed on any compatible device, including mobile phones.