We felt it was time for a change…

We introduced out new 365PTT app and this got us thinking; with the new app do we need a new look? We debated over this for a while, as our old site did the job it was intended for.

But, it sort of blended in with the crowd. So, we decided to create something new, something bold, and something that would be easy to view for our customers and visitors. We tried variations on colours and to our surprise found this colour worked for us. This led to another issue – our logo. The old blue, black and red didn’t work with the new colour scheme, so back to the drawing board we went for the logo as well.

Well, after all this deliberation we are ready to launch our new website to the general public. We will be adding content as well we go, especially in the store, so keep revisiting to see if we have what you want. And, if you can’t see something you want, or want to enquire about our products then please contact us and we will do our best to help you where we can.