Did you know?…

Did you know that 365 Communications Ltd. offers excellent communication packages which include our PoC app, 365PTT?
Did you know we offer several hire solutions that can help your business continuity and resource planning?
Did you know our push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) application, 365PTT, works on almost any Android device, including mobile phones?
Did you know we offer rugged handsets, mobile data terminal (WiFi-enabled casebooks) devices as well as vehicle mounts?
Did you know we offer in-vehicle PoC sets that can be bought or hired?
365 Communications is not here to baffle you with jargon and false promises. We will bring you a system that works, is effective, and will ensure you have state of the art communications.
We have two simple philosophies:
• We know there are other PTT suppliers out there – we will ensure we advise you on the best solution for your needs, even free systems or subscription services from other supplies, not just offer our own solution, 365PTT.
• We will not sell you devices that are limited to just our system – any devices we sell will be unlocked so you can install whatever system you wish.
We will not blindly sell you a product, we will advise you the best we can on suitability for your needs. We want to cater to you, the customer, and we want to bring you a value enriched experience and product.
Whether it is hire or sale, 365 Communications is here to help you and your business.